Traveling in southern Lazio means making an amazing journey between the balance of history and nature, which symbolizes the dichotomy between man and landscape.

Each of the proposed excursions will show you varied Italian landscapes and charming towns and villages that are filled with harmony and endless beauty.

The mountains are full of history and popular culture, whereas water plays an essential role in shaping the territory and the traditions. The system of mountain lakes, the underground channels, aqueducts, the cisterns and fascinating cliffs contain a richness of antiquity.

The plains and fields, where Mother Nature has been most pristine until the last century, is now where some modernity has taken root. It has lead way to a completely new style and where the water ends its course in rhythm while tracing its confines. It’s the land of uncontaminated forests, coastal lakes and migratory birds, channels, agricultural fields and cities.

On the whole, traveling in southern Lazio reveals its beauty within only a few kilometers and through metaphors.



In the city of Nettuno: Medieval Village - Fort Sangallo built in 1501 – American Cemetery and Military Memorial – Sanctuary N.S. delle Grazie –San Francesco Church – San Giovanni Church – Villa Borghese – Museum of the disembarkation - Tourism Port.

Near by: Ninfa Gardens– Pantanello, Sermoneta and antique Norba –Fossanova and Priverno Abbey – Sabaudia, Fogliano Lake and San Felice Circeo – Special canoe on Sabaudia’s Lake and Villa Domiziano – Ponza e Palmarola Islands with boat and hydrofoil.